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Language Consulting

Language Recruitment

RM Global Consulting is a prominent multilingual recruitment agency providing opportunities to aspirants with excellent fluency in English language. We assist in the recruitment process of language staff for various international organizations. Owing to our experience of catering to different industries, we are mediating between the multilingual/bilingual job seekers and organizations. You can apply to over 1000 lingual job opportunities in the UK and other countries by uploading your resume on our website. A company that requires temporary or permanent multilingual/bilingual candidate can directly contact us anytime.

Translation Services

Owing to our vast experience of managing technical as well as non-technical translation projects, RM Global Consulting is providing exceptional translation services. We cater to different industries like engineering, market research, architecture, financial, and many more. We have a 7 years experience in project management, which empowers us to cater to different sectors. We are blessed with a team of motivated, knowledgeable, and expert translators who are trained in different areas. Our translators focus mainly on their mother tongue so that the best quality is attained within the promised deadlines.


At RM Global, we provide interpretation services for business meetings, legal conferences, market research assignments, primary & secondary research, and other similar requirements. We take up the assignments as per the duration, location, request of the client, and type of client. We accept only immediate and pre-booked assignments, phone interpretation on-demand assignments, and on-site & video interpreting assignments. Our interpreters have valuable degrees in linguistics, interpretations, certain language, and other such subjects.
Why Choose Us?
  • Personalized Programs
  • Comprehensive Language Support
  • High Quality Interpretation Services
  • Security and Confidentiality, and other such reasons


At RM Global, we offer excellent transcription services that are inclusive of transcribing the recordings, complete audio to text discussions, and accurate accounts. Our transcribers are proficient in English language, skilled in industry terminology, and excellent in listening. They can create exceptional accounts based on your keynotes and transcripts, which you can use for media, reviews, or marketing. Moreover, we have transcribers for writing up the verbal statements of several confidential transcripts of legal cases or investigations. In addition, we are providing media & video transcription that include capturing drama, accents, and ambiance for those people who cannot hear.


RM Global Consultants is a leading subtitling organization for business communication in Delhi/NCR. From promotional videos to corporate presentations, we can subtitle anything that has a moving picture. Owing to our vast experience in this domain, we have been catering to different clients from manufacturing, education, safety, finance, staff training, and health sector. We have a wide network of subtitle translators across the world who are involved in working in 20 languages, be it Korean, English, or any other. Our multimedia dept. ensures that the original material is properly converted into a localized transcript.

Proof Reading

At RM Global, we are offering excellent proofreading services designed for lecturers, research students, professors, entrepreneurs, and post-doctoral researchers. We are reckoned for providing the best proofreading for academic and scientific scripts written by writers of PHD thesis, research papers, dissertations, books, journal articles, essays, and several other research documents. After availing proofreading services from our skilled team of editors and proofreaders, you will be confident in submitting your thesis. So, avail our services for getting a grammar free, errorless, and perfectly punctuated article in order to get your thesis published.

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